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around 2:45, we received a report, a text message from our tech center that there was an individual with a handgun. the rest of the campus was evacuated. everyone is gone. >> some tense moments this evening at san jose city college after reports of a gunman on campus put the school on lockdown. no one was allowed to center or leave for several hours while the s.w.a.t. team spent most of the evening searching the college. we have been told by a student and staff member inside one of those classrooms there that police did not allow them to answer their phones or use their computers during the lockdown. >> reporter: snow city college president barb -- san jose city
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college president said she received information that a gunman was on campus of the students and staff at san jose city college remained in classrooms with the doors locked. while law enforcement armed with guns stormed buildings and checked all rooms for an alleged gunman. about two hours later, the college switched to a partial lockdown as law enforcement focused its search on the technology building. >> reporter: everyone was asked to evacuate. since this is finals week, there were not as many students on campus. those who came ready to take their exam were turned away. >> i came about 10 minutes early to class, and all these police cars came out of nowhere. >> reporter: officials say no one confirmed seeing a gunman on campus.
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students and teachers were alerted by text message and phone call. they were asked to cover windows, turn lights off, and lock the doors. >> we do as much as we can to protect ourselves and the student, and this definitely -- we'll be more alert in the future. >> reporter: by 7:45 tonight, the lockdown was lifted, and the college president said classes will resume tomorrow. another day of funerals in newtown, connecticut, today. two were victims were laid to rest while a wake was held for another. citizens and investigators continue to try and make sense of the tragedy there. >> reporter: tearful morning and the secretary day of funerals in newtown. >> it's still
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not real that my little girl so full of life -- [ crying ] >> -- who wants a horse so badly isn't coming home. >> reporter: it was back to class for most. with the recent tragedy on students' minds. >> the really big thing in the world right now. and how can't you think about it? it's so close to you. >> reporter: the teachers' union said educators will discuss friday's mass shooting in an age-appropriate manner. sandy hook elementary students have not returned to class. they'll be moved to another facility in a neighboring county. trucks carrying supplies have been leaving the school which is a scene still. >> president obama supports and would support legislation that addresses the problem of the
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so-called gun show loophole. >> reporter: connecticut's medical examiner says nancy lanza was shot four times in the head while she slept. all of this was too real for first responders who won't soon forget what they saw. >> very early on, it was determined that this was bad, really, really bad. >> as the community tries to return to some sort of normalcy, volunteers hope that some caring pets will hope ease the pain of residents. specially trained therapy dogs are said to help bring comfort to other people when they are suffering or hurting. dozens of people gathered in pleasanton to mourn the loss of so many young lives in last week's shooting.
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singing songs, praying, and lightning candles, they bonded together. >> pleasanton is much like a small town in new england, newt town, and i thought this could just as easily be our community. and being 3,000 miles away, it was important for us to gather together, to have a sense of community. >> the vigil was organized by the moore elementary parent teacher association. they also collected photographs and poems, letters, and donations which will be sent to the families of the victims in connecticut. fairfield police say this teenager threatened to carry out attacks similar to the massacre in connecticut. now the 18-year-old is facing felony charges. he posted a message online saying that he supported the school's shooter in connecticut and thought of doing something similar. within hours of posting that message, investigators tracked down the teen in the city. new tonight at 11:00, police are searching for a man
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who robbed a bank belmont shortly after noon today on walston avenue. these are photographs taken from the surveillance video. authorities say the suspect entered the bank, demanded money from a teller before running off. nobody was hurt. employees describe the suspect as a white male adult between the age of 25-35 years old, 5'9" to 6'0" tall. if you think it's cold right now, wait until tomorrow morning! we enter a freeze warning in effect, 3:00 am for the north bay valleys eric frost -- a frost advisory for pretty much the rest of the bay area. frost forming on your wirnlds is certainly a -- windshields is certainly a possibility. frigid conditions for napa and santa rosa. 32, at freezing for concord, 37 expected in oakland.
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i'll walk you through futurecast in my next report. gun sales are back following the connecticut shooting. we'll have details. and a sacramento woman who says mushrooms are growing in her moldy apartment. hey, look! a shooting star!
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a renter in sacramento finds mold and mushrooms growing from the carpet in her apartment! she says she has report happened the problem to the management. she says that they have cleaned and replaced the carpet self time, yet the mold and mushrooms grow back. now she says she's worried about the health of her son but cannot afford to move. >> i don't feel like it's safe to be here. but i don't really have anywhere else to go. my son had to stay home from school today. i want in contact with his doctor by e-mail. but we're not sure how to figure out what's wrong.
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>> the owner of the apartment complex did not return calls for a comment. officials do encourage residents to report dangerous conditions to county investigators. cold weather is certainly on the way. your overnight lows will drop below the freezing mark. after highs only climbing to the low 50s. a full look at your forecast coming up after the break. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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this just in, interstate five near the oregon border is closed after a 60-car pile-up. the california department of forestry and fire protection says a number of people suffered minor to moderate injuries in a series of crashes that started about 6:30 this evening. the crash stretched for nearly a mile. police do not know the exact number of people injured or what caused the pile-up. the national rifle association is finally breaking its silence four days after the connecticut school massacre. the guns right organization making its first public statement today after a self-imposed media blackout.
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in a statement "shocked saddened and heartbroken by news of the horrific and senseless murders. " the organization is pledging to make sure "this never happens again." weapon sales have been skyrocketing after calls for stricter gun control laws have gone out. >> reporter: the owner of this gun shop behind me tells me that he believes there's two reasons people have been buying guns. the first is that the laws could be changing, and that concerns the enthusiasts. the other reason? per personal protection. >> reporter: so close to the holidays and this gun store is packed. but not packed with people buying christmas presents. >> we see this periodically as there are tragedies. >> reporter: randy collins owns the gun supply shop in livermore. >> people are worried that
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there's going to be a new ban on guns so they're getting them while they can. >> reporter: and the owner of this shop tells me on a normal day on this time of year, they would sell 15-20 guns. they sold 100. and it's all kinds of guns. handgun, rifles, semiautomatics, and several boxes of ammo. >> there's no rhyme or reason to it. everyone has the type of gun that they prefer to shoot. >> we target, shoot, make sure that we're proficient with them. otherwise they're locked up. >> reporter: collin says he's always careful who he sells to. >> if i get a really bad feeling, i'm not going to sell a person a gun. i have a responsibility, moral and ethical, to keep guns out of the wrong hands. a new report on this past september's attack on the u.s.
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consulate is blaming state department heads and its bureau of diplomatic security. this is video from the attack, after it happened, what was left behind. the independent investigation found security "inadequate." the review board does not single out any particular individual for disciplinary action. the panel determined that there was no protest before the attack of the consulate to trigger the raid. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three others were killed in that attack. donald trump having the last laugh after a former ms. usa contestant trashed his pageant. she defamed the organization and awarded it $5 million in damages. trump sued after form upper ms. pennsylvania claimed that the
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pageant was rigged and trashy. trump give her 24 hours to take back the accusations. she refused. the case went to arbitration, and trump said he had no choice but to sue and called the ruling "an expensive lesson for her." your temperatures already dipping down. upper 30s in livermore. 43 out the door. in mountainview, 38, napa 46. not too bad along the coastline. but look at your morning lows beginning at 3:00 am. two things going into effect, a freeze warning for the north bay valleys. a frost advisory for pretty much the rest of the bay area. you can expect almost record-like lows. napa, 29, same for santa rosa. 36 expected in richmond, at freezing in vallejo. temperatures won't warm by much
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into the afternoon. although it's going to be clear and sunny, it looks like low 50s. 55 for oakland, 53 expected in pleasanton. and we do have wet weather on the way. active weather returns to the bay area sometime thursday. it's going to approach from the north. and it looks like it'll be after 10:00 am, closer to the evening hours. looks like we could receive up to 3 inches in the lower elevations, above 5 inches for the coastal ranges. flooding a possibility. downed trees especially with gusty conditions. futurecast shows all this wet weather is going to stream into the bay area. the timing depends on where you're situated. those showers will continue into your friday. you'll see that on your 7-day. and the rain lingers on into the weekend. a happy holiday for more than 100 children who got the chance to shop for whatever they
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wanted today. >> reporter: it's a shopping spree here in old navy for more than 100 kids who are getting the opportunity to run around and pick out whatever they want. and each child has their own personal shopper. it's all because of a partnership between glide family services and gap iveng inc. >> i got a hat and a scarf. and a long-sleeved shirt . >> my favorite shirt is ms. mittens. >> reporter: this partnership has allowed kids to enjoy this shopping spree for the last nine years. and all the children in today's event are from glide family services programs in the
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city's tenderloin district. the warrior s return home looking to improve on their best start in 20 years. and 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick is so popular, he's got his own rap song. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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in kaepernick is so popular, he's got his own rap song. welcome back, everyone. the warpiors are 17 -8 -- warriors are 17-8, home for the first time in two weeks. they got a scare with anthony davis and the new orleans hornets in town. this is the first bucket of the game. steph curry to ezeli. carl landry flexes his 3468s with 16 points and 9
11:26 pm
rebounds. warpiors by 10 most -- warriors by 10 most of the game. the free throw, tied at 92 with four minutes to go. curry not a great night, but hits when it counted. the jumper. the warriors hit their free throws down the stretch. they win 103-98. stanford taking on nc state. and santa claus paying a visit to raleigh to catch the game. lorenzo brown drives to the hood, hits the runner -- the hoop, hits the runner, he's fouled. powell had 23 tonight. under 3 minutes to go, and brown drives down right -- right down the middle.
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88-17, nc state. the a's signed a short stop today. hiro for short. he was all smiles at his press conference today, two years, $6.5 million, club option for a third year. beane says they have been scouting him for several years. more of a singles hitter, maybe a double. bottom line, nobody knows how good he'll be with the bat. but with the microphone? he's got some game . [ speaking foreign language ] s saying billy beane is extremely sexy and cool. [ laughter ] >> that's definitely one of the reasons why he signed today. [ laughter ]
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>> that whole press conference was pretty entertaining. the 49ers a win in seattle away from clinching the nfc west. justin smith nursing an injured arm. >> his nickname is cowboy. i expect we'll see the cowboy. >> okay. >> from what i know of justin smith and the situation, yeah, i think the cowboy will be around. [ laughter ] >> cowboy up ! how popular is colin kaepernick? he's got his own rap song. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> yeah! i like the tats. the kong is called kaepernicking, aka, the 49ers theme song. some parents.
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